Sell Your Investment, Receive Cash, Defer Taxes For 30 Years, No Taxes at Closing!

The monetized installment sale "mis"

Receive Cash At Closing

Investors receive equal to 93.5% of the sales proceeds at the close of escrow. These funds are not taxed and paid in a lump sum within 72 hours of closing.

Capital Gains Taxes Are Deferred

Investors have the power of growing their investment portfolio with today's dollars vs using them to pay taxes. 

Get Back Your Control

Markets correct and deals don't always surface in 45 or even 180 days. We all know that investors make their money when they buy...not sell.

Freedom To Re-Invest Or Not

One of the biggest benefits of the MIS is the freedom the investor now has to reinvest when, where, and how the please - even outside of real estate!

Defer Taxes For 30 Years

With proper planning and investing, an investor could literally experience zero taxes. We have experience professionals that will review your options.

Cash Is King!

Approach the market with cash in hand vs trying to negotiate from behind. Once a seller of an investment property knows you have to buy or pay taxes, they win. We want you to win!