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want to sell your investment but concerned about taxes?

In a troubled 1031 Exchange? We have the answer...The Monetized Installment Sale!

  Own a business, corporation, investment real estate, or any other type of highly appreciated assets…and reluctant to sell because of your significant capital gains tax exposure? Think a 1031 Exchange is your only option? 

  We introduce investors to a little known IRS Capital Gains Tax deferral strategy that allows you to sell today, receive equal to 93.5% of the sales proceeds in a lump sum at closing, and defer the capital gains taxes for 30 years. 

  This approach is more flexible with less restrictions than a 1031 exchange, and no need to purchase a replacement property. It allows you to use your proceeds how, when, and where you’d like to reinvest – even non-real estate investments. 

                                  YOU’RE BACK IN CONTROL! 

is your 1031 exchange in trouble?

  • Can't find a replacement property?
  • Feeling overwhelmed & pressured?
  • Feel like you're settling just to avoid paying taxes?

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